291 Talent Quest is the brainchild of DJ Elayne Smith

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DJ Elayne Smith’s Talent Search merged with Charlie Hanson’s Variety Show idea which then became 291 Club.

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The official 291 Club TV Show Credits from BFI Screen Online

Introduced on tv by presenter Miles Crawford as "a cross between the London Palladium and the Apollo in New York", the 291 Club is essentially a variety show staged at the Hackney Empire where the audience chooses the winner.

A range of diverse acts, including singers, dancers and musicians come on stage every week and try their luck in front of a merciless audience. Eschewing any notion of polite applause, any act which fails to entertain the crowd is soon booed off and given "early retirement." This involves the dreaded spectre of the Sandman, a six foot dread not averse to brandishing a mock-threatening foam baseball bat, coming on stage, stopping the contestants mid-song and dragging them off for a proverbial early bath.

The acts which do manage to finish their performances are then brought out at the end as the winner is chosen from whoever garners the loudest and longest applause from the audience. The hopefuls are bookended by two acts, the first often a seasoned stand up comic who helps get everyone in the mood, and the night's festivities end with a song from an established music act.

Ali Jaafar - BFI Screen Online

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    Dona Croll
    BBC - Doctors

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    Carl McIntosh
    Loose Ends
    Record Producer

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    Crystal Rose
    TV Celebrity

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    Ed Adoo
    BBC Radio 3

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    Maria Kempinska MBE
    Founder of Jongleurs Comedy Clubs

  • Stacks Image 440

    Robert Bruce
    Drive Time Radio Presenter
    Capital Xtra

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    Leroy Logan MBE
    Former Superintendant
    Met Police

  • Stacks Image 402

    Lady Lex
    Chaaawaaa Radio Station

  • Stacks Image 406

    Kennedy President Mensah
    Back To The Future Publishing

  • Stacks Image 412

    Booking Agent
    Joke Club Comedy Clubs

  • Stacks Image 357

    A&R Representative
    Sony Records

  • Stacks Image 324

    Ivor Etienne
    The Beat Radio Station

  • Stacks Image 448

    Trevor Sterling
    Chair Mary Seacole
    Partner Moore Blatch Solicitors

  • Stacks Image 452

    Hakeem Onibudo
    Founder Impact Dance
    Impact Dance

  • Stacks Image 457

    Celebrity DJ
    Mi Soul Radio

  • Stacks Image 495

    LWR Radio

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    Errol Reid
    Recording Artist
    China Black

  • Stacks Image 470

    Joyce Fraser
    Black Hero's
    In The hall Of Fame

  • Stacks Image 473

    Pauline Henry
    Recording Artist
    The Chimes

  • Stacks Image 493

    Barrie Sharp
    Record Producer
    Fashion Retailer

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EL'TEE 291 Club 2018 Winner

291 Club

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